In the news this week…3rd of February till 9th of February 2014


Workplace drug and alcohol problems growing concern. (OnMedica, 03.02.2014)
Giant patient records database ‘should be delayed’. (BBC, 04.02.2014)
Staffing has improved since Francis, claims Hunt. (OnMedica, 05.02.2014)
Police will have ‘backdoor’ access to health records despite opt-out, says MP. (The Guardian, 06.02.2014)
Health experts urge MPs to back car smoking ban. (BBC, 07.02.2014)

Other News in Brief…

Tobacco firms line up £500m claim over plain packs. (The Scotsman, 03.02.2014)
Labour to blame coalition for rise in cold-related A&E admissions. (The Guardian, 03.02.2014)
Experts warn of hypertension ‘epidemic’. (OnMedica, 04.02.2014)
Sale of ultra-cheap alcohol to be banned in England and Wales. (The Guardian, 04.02.2014)
Allowing patients to discriminate by race is ‘institutional racism’. (OnMedica, 05.02.2014)
Diagnosis time for common cancers reduced. (National Health Executive, 05.02.2014)
‘Slow progress’ on elderly care reforms in Scotland. (BBC, 06.02.2014)
Three-fold increase in UK insulin use, study finds. (BBC, 06.02.2014)
Hunt sets out progress on HCA plan for aspirant student nurses. (Nursing Times, 07.02.2014)
U.S warning on Scottish obesity levels. (Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh, 07.02.2014)

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