In the news this week…17th of February until 23rd of February 2014


New chief urges rethink on workload of junior doctors. (The Herald, 17.02.2014)
Paracetamol given reprieve in NICE arthritis guidance. (Nursing Times, 18.02.2014)
Scotland bucks UK drink-related death trend. (BBC, 19.02.2014)
Combating the dual burden: therapeutic targeting of common pathways in obesity and type 2 diabetes. (The Lancet, 20.02.2014)
Patient data fears ‘scaremongering’. (OnMedica, 21.02.2014)

Other News in Brief…

Loneliness can boost risk of early death among older adults. (OnMedica, 17.02.2014)
Patients still in the dark about, warn doctors’ leaders. (OnMedica, 17.02.2014)
Strategic support for struggling health economies. (National Health Executive, 18.02.2014)
NHS concordat to halve police detention of mental health patients. (Information Daily, 18.02.2014)
Alcohol-related deaths among the elderly reach highest ever level. (The Guardian, 19.02.2014)
Independent journal calls for domperidone to be removed from market after medication linked to premature deaths. (The Independent, 19.02.2014)
Lack of public defibrillators linked to heart attack deaths. (OnMedica, 20.02.2014)
Calling all geriatricians…FRAILsafe needs you!! (British Geriatrics Society, 21.02.2014)
Five minutes with…a men’s health consultant. (Guardian Professional, 21.02.2014)

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