In the news this week…13th of January till 19th of January 2014


Obesity crisis: Future projections ‘underestimated’. (BBC, 13.01.2014)
Sharp rise in spending on A&E locum doctors. (BBC, 14.01.2014)
Empowered and engaged NHS staff will provide better care. (Guardian Professional, 15.01.2014)
Welsh health service needs ‘radical’ overhaul. (OnMedica, 16.01.2014)
How big data could be used to predict a patient’s future. (Guardian Professional, 17.01.2014)

Other News in Brief…

‘Sharing data saves lives’ say charities and researchers. (OnMedica, 13.01.2014)
What can older people tell us about their experience of therapeutic exercise as part of falls prevention service?  (Ageing Journal, 13.01.2014)
Developing integrated care: what role do acute hospitals play? (The King’s Fund, 14.01.2014)
Female consultants losing out on CEAs. (Hospital Dr, 14.01.2014)
Organ donation partnership calls for family to be informed. (National Health Executive, 15.01.2014)
Passport to improve patient experience. (British Geriatrics Society, 16.01.2014)
Frontline staff to drive change on special day. (Hospital Dr, 16.01.2014)
Weight loss surgery: up to two million could benefit. (BBC, 17.01.2014)
Pharmaceutical industry joins disclosure debate. (OnMedica, 17.01.2014)

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