HRH Princess Anne to attend Past, Present and Future Conference

Dear Colleague,

We are now just over a month away from the Past, Present and Future Edinburgh International Conference of Medicine, SAM’s 10th International Scientific Meeting.

I am delighted to inform you that Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne will be attending the final plenary session to close the conference and present prizes to the winners for the best posters and best oral presentations.

So far we already have a record number of delegates registered at this stage for the meeting.  Edinburgh promises to be one of the biggest celebrations of acute and internal medicine ever in the UK and certainly more than a simple CPD meeting.

Personally, I want as many members as possible, especially overseas members, to attend our AGM on Monday 12th September.  We are proposing a new governance structure for SAM Council and we need to discuss how we can formalise our committee structure to include members outside the UK.  An international Senate of Acute Medicine perhaps?

I am indebted to the Research Committee and SAMBA colleagues for their efforts.  Under the leadership of Dr Louella Vaughan and Dr Chris Subbe we are making fantastic progress.  Only last night Chris wrote to tell me that this year we passed the magic figure of 100 units submitting SAMBA data,  4500 patients.  This is phenomenal and we plan to publish our first ever SAMBA report in Edinburgh.  Recently I met colleagues at the Department of Health and it appears that we may soon have the resources and mandate to take SAMBA to another level.

So why are people coming:

‘As always for me, it’s meeting up with like-minded individuals, catching up with old friends and hopefully making a few new ones too.

With being a joint meeting, looking forward to welcoming new people to SAM who maybe haven’t been to one of our meetings before or heard much about us.  I always get lots of ideas of new things to try, or data I want to look at locally too.  And lastly, SAM good at recharging the enthusiasm batteries to tackle another tough winter ahead.’

‘The title of the conference ‘Past, Present and Future of Medicine’ provides an opportunity to hear and debate how medicine has changed over the years and what the opportunities are for medicine  moving forward in today’s challenging healthcare economy. This is so pertinent as the benefits of whole system leadership and collaborative interdisciplinary working within acute medicine are becoming increasingly recognised as cost effective ways of addressing increasing fiscal and operational demands’

‘The multi-professional programme continues to build upon the relationships made at past conferences. This year we have speakers from  Ireland and Scotland presenting national audits, research, innovative integrated care and developments in advance clinical practitioners.  To keep building on the increasing non-medical membership, we are for the first time holding an interdisciplinary strategy event so we can ensure that the opinions of our members are embedded within the SAM council objectives.’

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This year’s SAM International meeting is unique.  It has taken an extraordinary effort by some extraordinary people to make it happen.  We are the innovators with the vision, enthusiasm, youth and energy to make things better.  This is a once in a generation meeting and joining our colleagues from the RCPE will afford us a unique opportunity to showcase our brilliance.

Please pass on the message.  Tweet us – let the world know – kick up a SAM-Storm.


Dr Mark Holland,

President to the Society for Acute Medicine