Professor Derek Bell interviews the Health Secretary

On 1st June, in his role as Director of the National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) for Northwest London, SAM’s own Professor Derek Bell interviewed the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley on how he feels the new government can drive forward improvements to the NHS. The interview […]


A Spring Meeting to Remember

Thursday May 5th, 300 delegates descended on Bristol, some clutching posters, some steadying their nerves before presenting, all excited about a programme that crammed in the good, the bad and the clinical. Professor Derek Bell started things off with a ‘call to arms’, it is time, he said, for acute medicine to embrace seven day […]


SAM raises concerns over consecutive bank holidays

A recent SAM survey found that many hospitals have no plans in place to ensure a high standard patient care during the Easter and Royal wedding bank holidays. During the eleven days from the 22nd April to 2nd May, there will be only three normal working days in numerous NHS trusts. As SAM President Dr […]