‘All life-threatening conditions should be treated in optimal way’ – SAM President

Following research released today by BBC News which found a quarter of patients in England wait longer than an hour to receive antibiotics when sepsis is suspected, Dr Nick Scriven, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said:

“We recognise the immense amount of work put in by frontline staff to achieve what they have managed to do in improving the care of patients with sepsis but many other critical conditions too that are equally as life-threatening.

“We would like to be able to get to a place where all these people are treated in an optimal way for their condition. There is a slight concern that by pretty much focusing targets on one measure – giving antibiotics – there is a risk that other highly important treatments may not be delivered in time.

“We must also be mindful that, in a proportion of cases, antibiotics might not be the best treatment for issues. SAM will continue to press for the best possible treatment for all those who present to our overstretched NHS.”