6th Acute Medicine Awareness Day 2017

Now that spring has officially started it is time to once again plan for our annual Acute Medicine Awareness Day (AMAD).  This will be our 6th AMAD and each time the number of participating units has continued to grow.

For 2017 we have set Wednesday June 21st as the official day for our celebration of all things acute medicine.  Of course, we are aware that having us setting the date does not always suit you, so please feel free to hold your event at a time convenient to you in the week of June 21st.

We have a number of resources that we can send to you to help plan and advertise the event.

As always, we will be looking for units to tell us about their plans and the unit with the best event and accompanying picture will win a free place for a non-consultant colleague at a SAM conference.

Acute medicine continues to expand.  We now work collaboratively with colleagues from lots of branches of medicine, for example sepsis, teenagers and young adults, acute kidney injury and patients with mental health problems, to name but a few.  When advertising your unit this year you have a lot to boast about.

Sarah Donaldson in the SAM office will register your interest and help you get the ball rolling administrator@acutemedicine.org.uk