In the news this week…24th of March till 30th of March 2014


Changes to hospital designs could reduce NHS costs. (The Scotsman, 24.03.2014)
Emerging leaders: learning together to deliver future health care. (The King’s Fund, 25.03.2014)
NHS urged to halve serious mistakes and save 6,000 lives. (BBC, 26.03.2014)
Doctors often ignore NHS data on patient experience. (OnMedica, 27.03.2014)
NHS England published new data on the progress of hospitals in acute emergency and maternity care across London. (NHS England, 28.03.2014)

Other News in Brief…

‘Ageless’ dementia services are an insult to the elderly. (The Telegraph, 24.03.2014)
NHS fraud and error ‘costing the UK £7bn a year’. (BBC, 24.03.2014)
Hospital introduces new tool to cut pressure ulcer risk. (Nursing Times, 25.03.2014)
Experts: more sleep is an answer to type 2 diabetes and obesity. (The Herald, 25.03.2014)
CVD prevention must target those with high lifetime risk. (OnMedica, 26.03.2014)
Warning over blood pressure reading by doctors. (The Herald, 26.03.2014)
‘Urgent action needed over weekend doctor numbers. (BBC, 27.03.2014)
Managers who fail ‘fit and proper person text’ face axe. (National Health Executive, 27.03.2014)
Stool test ‘accurate for diagnosing bowel diseases’. (BBC, 28.03.2014)
Scotland sets the standards for chronic pain. (The Scotsman, 28.03.2014)

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