In the news this week…20th of January till 26th of January 2014


We must stop searching for heroes and villains in the NHS. (Guardian Professional, 20.01.2014)
Society for Acute Medicine response to 2014/2014 National Tariff Payment System. (SAM, 21.01.2014)
Safe staff levels ‘should apply to NHS and care sector’. (BBC, 22.01.2014)
One in four hospitals records false waiting times. (The Telegraph, 23.01.2014)
Let’s not overlook what acute internal medicine has achieved, says SAM President. (SAM, 24.01.2014)

Other News in Brief…

Clegg attacks NHS mental health care. (BBC, 20.01.2014)
Identifying frailty and its outcomes. (British Geriatrics Society, 20.01.2014)
Take head injuries seriously, says NICE. (NICE, 21.01.2014)
BMI obesity measure ‘needs to be lower’ for millions in UK. (BBC, 22.01.2014)
Major new infection control guidelines focus on hand hygiene. (Nursing Times, 22.01.2014)
UK heart attack death rates much higher than Sweden. (OnMedica, 23.01.2014)
Health chief calls for reform of training given to doctors. (The Herald, 23.01.2014)
Treating patients as people says Jeremy Hunt. (Department of Health, 23.01.2014)
Stethoscope ‘may soon be obsolete’. (HSJ, 24.01.2014)
Older cancer patients ‘should not be written off’. (BBC, 24.01.2014)
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