In the news this week…17th of March till 23rd of March 2014


Thousands of NHS staff rehired after being made redundant, ministers admit. (The Guardian, 17.03.2014)
Thousands of hospital patients being moved at night. (The Telegraph, 18.03.2014)
Death is ‘core business’ of Scottish hospitals, university study finds. (BBC, 19.03.2014)
NHS complaints system far too complex, says watchdog. (OnMedica, 20.03.2014)
Patients referred for ‘needless’ operations. (The Scotsman, 21.03.2014)

Other News in Brief…

NICE publishes guidelines on managing medicines in care home. (NICE, 17.03.2014)
Which drugs to stop in which older patients? (British Geriatrics Society, 17.03.2014)
Waiting times soar for life-saving tests on NHS. (The Scotsman, 18.03.2014)
‘Significant harm’ should trigger NHS candour. (Hospital Dr, 18.03.2014)
Employee engagement must be a priority for NHS trusts. (Guardian Professional, 19.03.2014)
Six themes for maintaining a good life with dementia identified. (OnMedica, 19.03.2014)
Human nose can detect more than 1 trillion smells, scientist discover. (The Guardian, 20.03.2014)
Hospital patients most at risk from malnutrition in winter. (Nursing Times, 21.03.2014)
‘Step change’ needed for effective healthcare IT integration. (National Health Executive, 21.03.2014)

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