In the news this week…10th of March till 16th of March 2014


Health managers call for an end to ‘sticking plaster solutions’. (OnMedica, 10.03.2014)
‘Worrying shortage of senior NHS nurses’. (BBC, 11.03.2014)
Scottish Government ‘to take on tobacco firms’. (The Scotsman, 12.03.2014)
A 1% pay rise – but not for staff on progression pay. (National Health Executive, 13.03.2014)
‘Early access’ drugs scheme launched for severely ill. (BBC, 14.03.2014)

Other News in Brief…

Neil sets out vision for NHS services. (The Scotsman, 10.03.2014)
How can the NHS tackle its innovation deficit? (Guardian Professional, 10.03.2014)
MPs grant powers to close local hospitals. (BBC, 11.03.2014)
Cancer care is ‘ageist’ claims expert. (OnMedica, 11.03.2014)
Harry Burns: ‘We need compassion, not judgments about poor people’. (The Guardian, 12.03.2014)
Kidneys: What’s the Big Deal? (British Geriatrics Society, 12.03.2014)
Cardiovascular safety of antidiabetes drugs in doubt. (OnMedica, 13.03.2014)
Significant rise in older people living and being diagnosed with HIV. (British Geriatrics Society, 13.03.2014)
Statins have no side effects? This is what our study really found… (The Guardian, 14.03.2014)
Medical revalidation: trauma, trivia, triumph. (The King’s Fund, 14.03.2014)

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