In the news this week…6th of January till 12th of January 2014


Leaflet drop across England on new patient data sharing plan. (National Health Executive, 06.01.2014)
A&E: some patients visit units 50 times a year. (BBC, 07.01.2014)
UK government allowed alcohol industry to kill minimum unit price. (Information Daily, 08.01.2014)
Lack of A&E causes ‘major incident’ at Belfast hospital. (Information Daily, 09.01.2014)
“Revalidation is failing to identify NHS doctors unfit to practise”. (Hospital Dr, 10.01.2014)

Other News in Brief…

50 per cent rise in deaths from oesophageal cancer. (OnMedica, 06.01.2014)
Scots nurses spending more time with patients. (The Scotsman, 06.01.2014)
College condemns obesity surgery dispute. (Hospital Dr, 07.01.2014)
Why services aren’t working seven days a week. (HSJ, 07.01.2014)
How to treat a medical intern. (Comment is free, Guardian, 08.01.2014)
Combine treatment for moderate to high risk prostate cancer, says NICE. (OnMedica, 08.01.2014)
EASYCare Project: a new world for older people. (British Geriatrics Society, 09.01.2014)
Campaigners vow to cut sugar in food. (BBC, 09.01.2014)
Wales NHS scan and ultrasound waiting times treble. (BBC, 10.01.2014)
Gene therapy might offer hope in Parkinson’s. (OnMedica, 10.01.2014)

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