In the news this week…31st of March till 6th of April 2014


Charge patients ‘£10 a month for using NHS’, study suggests. (The Telegraph, 31.03.2014)
NHS facing biggest ever challenge, says new boss. (BBC, 01.04.2014)
NHS Alliance says winter pressures are ‘a myth’. (OnMedica, 02.04.2014)
SAM comment on RCPL 2012 Census of Consultant Physicians in the UK. (Society for Acute Medicine, 03.04.2014)
Hospital watchdog finds ‘huge variation’ in care. (BBC, 04.04.2014)

Other News in Brief…

Politicians ‘lack will’ to tackle challenges faced by NHS. (OnMedica, 31.03.2014)
Thousands of lives put at risk by clinical trials system that is ‘not fit for purpose’.  (The Guardian, 31.03.2014)
Heart disease twice as common in coeliacs. (OnMedica, 01.04.2014)
Healthcare regulators back ‘once in a generation’ reform proposals. (National Health Executive, 01.04.2014)
Dementia diagnosis drive raises concern. (BBC, 02.04.2014)
More support needed for out-of-hours services. (Hospital Dr, 02.04.2014)
Consultants are providing more acute generalist care. (OnMedica, 03.04.2014)
Heavy drinkers to be considered for NHS liver transplant. (The Guardian, 03.04.2014)
UK set to bring in plain tickets for cigarettes. (The Scotsman, 04.03.2014)
Overworked doctors pose threat to patient safety. (The Telegraph, 04.04.2014)

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