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Audit and Quality Improvement Posters

A&QI4      An audit investigating whether Aintree AMU met the 100% target for the 2nd Clinical Quality Indicator

A&QI 6     An audit of the implementation of high-sensitivity cardiac Troponin I testing (hs-cTnl), a chest pain pathway and the opening of a CDU

A&QI11    Are we safe in the initial management of suspected Pulmonary Embolism?

A&QI21    Prospective Audits of Initiation of Non-invasive Ventilation at Ayr Hospital to inform a Regional Post-Graduate Training Programme

A&QI24    St Thomas’ Acute Medicine Model is a cost effective alternative to A&E

A&QI25     Telemtry usage on acute medicine

A&QI26     The “Dummer’s” Guide to Med Rec

A&QI30     Weekend Patient Flow Quality Improvement Project

Case Report Posters

CR2              A case of Marantic Endocarditis

CR4               A case of Oesophageal Rupture

CR7           An Occult Pneumothorax in a Patient with an Exacerbation of Asthma

CR9               DVT: When outpatient anticoagulation is not enough – A case of May-Thurner-Syndrome

CR10         Fever Does not Always Equal Sepsis: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome in the AMU

CR11          Not Another Pyelonephritis- Diagnostic Errors in the MAU

CR12             Parsonage Turner Syndrome with Bilateral Phrenic nerve Involvement

CR15              Weil’s disease on Acute Assessment Unit

Research Posters

R1                     A feasibility study: Is it time to implement the Amber Care Bundle on the AMU

R2                    A GRACE-less death: Significant harm from inappropriate application of guidelines and overzealous administration   of ACS drugs

R3                    Adverse Long-term Outcomes of DVT

R6                    Does the “Weekend Effect” exist for elderly patients: A Marker of Frailty

R7                    Hyponatremia in Elderly ED patients: A Marker of Frailty

R8                    Long-term Outcomes of Patients with Positive D-dimer but no DVT

R9                    Organizational Factors Induce Prolonged Emergency Department Length of Stay in Elderly Patients

R11                  The effect of prior statin use on outcomes following admission with community acquired pneumonia to acute medicine

R12                   THE PREHOSPITAL “SEPSIS KIT” – Shortening time to adequate sepsis traetment in the emergency setting

R14                   Who should be afraid of long haul flights? A comparison study from Hillingdon Hospital

Service Organisation and Design Posters

SO&D6             Capacity: A rate limiting factor in patient flow

SO&D7              Cellulitis: Evidence for enhancing bed release & best practice tariff re-imbursement

SO&D8              Exploring patient experience of ambulatory care to improve quality of care at a London Teaching Hospital

SO&D10            FRAILsafe: Experience of utilizing a pilot frailty screening tool in the AMU

SO&D11             Geriatric in-reach: Preventing admissions by providing clear alternatives

SO&D13             Impact of patients awaiting social care & rehabilitation on acute medical beds, boarding & bed-wait breaches – the need for health & social care integration

SO&D14             Palliative Care and the AMU: Presentation, Prevalence and Care

SO&D18              What can a seven day service run by Acute Care Physicians achieve?

SO&D19              The Impact of the St Thomas’ Acute Medicine Model on Patient Experience of Unplanned Medical Care


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