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Audit and Quality Improvement

Case Reports



Service Organisation & Design



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Audit and Quality Improvement

A&QI 1 A Coding Issue- Audit on accuracy of discharge diagnosis on Immediate Discharge Letters (IDL) from the Acute Medical Unit (AMU) at Hull Royal Infirmary

A&QI9 Arterial Blood Gases: What Are Our COPD Patients Breathing?

A&QI10 AF in the AMU: A Day in the Life National Survey

A&QI3  A Simple Method to Improve Bundle Usage

A&QI5  Acute Medical Unit (AMU) Handover; A Risky Business

A&QI7  An ambulatory care protocol for non-variceal upper GI bleeds

A&QI11 Audit of the Ambulatory Management of Suspected Pulmonary Embolism

A&QI14 Auditing ‘Quality Indicators’ at the Gloucestershire Royal

A&QI16 Clinical Quality Indicators for AMUs: Feasability of Data Collection from Electronic Patient Records

A&QI17 Comparing our acute care quality indicators on AMU to SAM standards

A&QI21 Does Focused Nurse Training Improve Patient Care Pre-Cardiac Arrest?

A&QI24 HIV Testing in Medical Patients: Why are we failing to meet guidelines?

A&QI25 Hospital admission route does not affect delivery of care or mortality in septic patients

A&QI26 Implications of Compliance with NICE guideline CG95 on Cardiology Services

A&QI27 Improved Access to Diagnostic Imaging in the Norfolk and Norwich AMU

A&QI28 Improving decision making and documentation of resuscitation and ceiling treatment decisions

A&QI29 Initial Management of Central Nervous System Infections

A&QI30 International co-operation for the development of a National Patient Observation Chart (IRL) incorporating the National Early Warning Score

A&QI33 Lumbar puncture documentation – is it adequate?

A&QI34 Management of Patients with Headache – What Does The Future Hold?

A&QI40 – Nurse Championship: A site based collaborative approach to embedding quality improvement initiatives in an Acute Assessment Unit

A&QI41 – Optimising emergency care for the older patient: A pilot study on patient characteristics, diagnostic & treatment patterns in Dutch academic emergency department

A&QI42 Prescribing antibiotics in chest diseases. Are we in compliance with Guidelines

A&QI44 Productive Ward Round: Our Experience on Preston AMU

A&QI45 Quality & Performance indicators in the Acute Medical Units: the current state of affairs in the North-West of England

A&QI46 Re-audit: First Consultant review following an acute medical admission.  An assessment of acute medicine against NCEPOD. Epsom General Hospital

A&QI48 Septic Patients admitted out-of-hours have no significant increased risk of mortality

A&QI51 The effect of a checklist on handover efficiency

A&QI53 The Last 96 Hours Revisited

A&QI54 The Performance of Emergency Ambulatory care at James Cook University Hospital, a retrospective re-audit

A&QI56 Treatment of diabetic patients with hypoglycaemic episodes on the Acute Admissions Unit at a large District General Hospital

A&QI57 Treatment Room Standardisation in Croydon University Hospital

A&QI58 Understanding of Stress Hyperglycaemia in Acute Care

A&QI60 Use of an antibiotic checklist to improve antibiotic prescribing on the AMU

A&QI61Using an admission bundle to improve initial delivery of care for COPD

A&QI62 Weekday versus weekend mortality on the Acute Medical Unit

A&QI63 What effect would a short-form screening tool have on the community acquired pneumonia pathway in the Royal Liverpool Hospital?

A&QI64 Wat’s the catch? Understanding the context of change in complex acute settings to ensure that the change is an improvement 


Case Reports

CCR4  Acute Diaphragmatic Dyspnoea: A Case Series

CCR6  Acute Infective Discitis in an 83 year old female

CCR7  Adrenal Crisis precipitated by Thyroxine treatment – A case of concurrent Primary Adrenal Insufficiency & Primary Hypothyroidism

CCR8  An unusual case of heart failure

CCR9 An unusual complication in diabetic ketoacidosis presenting to an AMU

CCR11 Beyond Occam’s Razor

CCR13 Catheter-directed thrombolysis (CDT): Reducing the risk of Post Thrombotic Syndrome

CCR14 Diagnosis & Management of Pituitary Apoplexy: a case series from a DGH

CCR17 Hand Lesions: An Unusual Presentation to the Emergency Assessment Unit

CCR18 Ketoacidosis can present with euglycaemia or hypoglycaemia

CCR20 Let us sleep QTc

CCR21 Lyme Disease on the AMU – A case series ata Southern English DGH

CCR22 Massive cutaneous blistering in a dependent 19 year old male with leukodystrophy

CCR25 Pre-eclamsia! Deliver the Baby! She did, a week ago!

CCR26 PRES (Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome): A rare case of seizure & headache presenting to AMU

CCR27 Progressive Multifocal Leucoencephalopathy: A stroke mimic in the immunocompromised

CCR29 Rapidly deteriorating hypoxia in Wegener’s vasculitis

CCR30 Reexpansion pulmonary oedema: Acomplication of chest drain insertion

CCR32 Syncope in a young lady secondary to autonomic failure from Guillain Barre’ Syndrome

CCR34 Tension Hydrothotax: Urgent Treatment Saves Lives

CCR35 The highs & lows of recurrent headache



E2  Acute medical ultrasound fro medical students & doctors in training: the future is echogenic

E4  Could a mobile phone app help to manage patients on AMU?

E7 Improving Ward Round Processes: A Pilot Medical Checklist Improves Performance

E8  Involving, Engaging & Empowering Foundation Doctors in Medicines Reconciliation

E9 Simulation Training for the acute medical specialist trainees: A pilot



R4 Are below knee DVTs being missed by the lack of routine distal vein ultrasonography and are they associated with the development of post thrombotic syndrome?  What are the implications for treatment?

R5 Barriers to uptake of oxygen therapy in Malawi: a qualitative study

R6 Changes and their prognostic implications in the abbreviated VitalpacTM Early Warning Score (ViEWS) after admission to hospital of 18,853 acutely ill medical patients

R7   Deprivation indices & mortality in the AMAU – St James’s Hospital 2002-2011

R10 How long does it take to get the right prescription on admission to hospital

R11 Hydration & Nutrition on the AMU – Can We Do Better?

R12 Is mis-diagnosis & over treatment of hypothyroidism in the elderly contributing to increased medical admissions

R13 Mode of Transportation & Mortality in the AMAU – St James’ Hospital 2002 -2012

R17 Trends in community acquired pneumonia mortality in England (2000-2011) & the association with age, co-morbidity and social deprivation


Service Organisation & Delivery

SO&D1  A review of Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, admissions to a DGH ICU: Do we do better than 2011 RCP national audit results? (1)

SO&D2  Acute Medical Clinic and Admission Avoidance

SO&D7  Are We Stressed

SO&D8 Assessing Patient Frailty – A London-wide survey of Structured Patient Records

SO&D9  Benefits of near patient ultrasound on the AMU:  Improving training to improve service delivery

SO&D10 Breaking the mould, Consultant job planning fit for the 21st century

SO&D11 Collecting data for improvement for a community acquired pneumonia bundle in AMU and ED

SO&D13 Diagnostic Imaging for Suspected Pulmonary Embolism at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust – Can we save money and improve our service?

SO&D15 Does an Acute Medicine Care Pathway in mental health wards improve outcomes? – Initial results of a pilot service

SO&D18 Geriatrician ‘In -reach’ into the Acute Medical Unit Reduces Length of Stay for Older Adults

SO&D20 How to plan the workforce on a busy inner city multi-cultural AMU

SO&D 23 Mapping Quality Standards for AMUs with a Traffic Light Matrix

SO&D27 Redesigning services: An investigation into the potential role for the ambulatory management of acute pulmonary embolism at Stafford General Hospital

SO&D28 Revolutionising medicines reconciliation: A technical solution

SO&D30 Setting Standards – A problem solving approach to optimising safe patient throughput in acute medicine

SO&D31 Still waiting for TTOs?

SO&D32 Streamlining the use of inpatient biochemistry & haematology & sustaining the change

SO&D34 The Benefits of an Integrated Assessment Approach within Acute Medicine

SO&D36 The interface between Acute Medicine & Intensive Care: EWS & functional status predict admission to critical care

SO&D37 The rising cost of alcohol – an epidemiological analysis

SO&D38 The Swindon Ambulatory Care Model

SO&D39 To design & introduce an electronic database to a District General Hospital allowing on calls to run in an effective & more efficient process

SO&D40 Unknown Knowns – ‘A Risky Business’ – Where did the DAMAs go?

SO&D41 You are what you wear – A patients’ perspective on doctors’ attitire











Key Note Lecture: What is the evidence that patients benefit from choice over hospital care? Professor Gwyn Bevan.


Risk Stratification in the Acute Setting: Evolving Concepts. Professor Christian Mueller

What’s wrong with Granny? Risk Stratification in the Frail Elderly. Dr Christian Nickel.

Risk Stratification using Haemodynamics in the Acutely Unwell Patient. Professor Richard Nowak.


Initiatives to Improve End of Life Care in the Acute Setting. Dr Katie Hobson.

The Acute Physician: Dealing with Death. Dr Olivier Gaillemin.


Developing Multi Professional Standards for the AMU. Lisa Carroll.

Delivering the Consultant Workforce. Karen James. 



Starting out as a New Consultant. Dr David Ward and Dr Hannah Skene.


Ambulatory Emergency Care. Dr Vincent Connolly.

Broaden the Spectrum of IV Antibiotics. Dr Neil Jenkins.

Heart Failure: New Approaches on the Radar. Professor John Cleland.


Recruitment, Retention and Rising through the Ranks in the AMU. Liz Lees and Dr Liz Myers.

Advanced Nursing Practice: The New York Perspective. Rebecca Lisseman.


The use of Novel Biomarkers to Risk Stratify and Manage Acute Disease. Professor Richard Nowak.

How to deal with a new epidemic: Troponitis. Professor Christian Mueller.

At Risk of Undertriage? Elderly in the ED. Dr Christian Nickel.

Point of Care Versus Lab – Get your Biochemist on your side. Dr Craig Webster.


Mental Capacity Act: Tips and Trip Wires. Dr Martin Vernon.


Being True to Ourselves. Sam Foster.

Safety First, Last and Always: The Challenge of making the AMU a Safe Place. Celia Downs.

Safety Initiatives in the AMU. Liz Lees and Helen Pickard. 


All Acute Surgical Patients should be Managed by Acute Physicians. Dr Emily Feilding.


From Admission to Prescription: Medicines Reconciliation – or the lack of it. Jan Basey.

Evidence Based Medication Review in the Elderly – Translating Evidence into Practice. Kandarp Thakkar.

Clinical Update – Hyponatraemia on the AMU. James Allen.

Revolutionising Medicines Reconciliation: A Technical Solution. Lynn Bruce.




The Hypoglycaemic Patient on the AMU. Dr Mark Savage.

The Hyperglycaemic Patient on the AMU. Dr Ketan Dhatariya.


Management of Acute Heart Failure. Dr Simon Williams.


Quality Matters: The Economic and Human Cost. Dr Kate Silvester.



Less is MORE…in Frail Adult Care. Dr Martin Wilson.

Less is MORE…in O2 Therapy. Dr Ronan O’Driscoll.


Miss, Near Miss & Lucky Escape. Dr Andrew Newton.

Chemical Suicides. Chief Inspector Patricia Foy.


EWS & Functional Status Predict Admission to Critical Care. Dr Ascanio Tridente.

A Simple Method to Improve Bundle Usage. Dr Edward Needham.

28-Centre Cellulitis Prophylaxis Trial: The Results. Dr Peter Featherstone.


Why should I bother with Acute Liver Failure? Dr Ken Simpson.


Stroke Sorted: What do I do in Stroke beyond evidence? Dr Rebecca Grue.

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