Past Conferences

SAMManchester 2015 Thursday Presentations

The SAMManchester 2015 conference presentations are now available to view and download below


Plenary Sessions

Plenary 1, General Medicine, Not Just a Supporting Act, Professor Paul Jenkins

Plenary 1, Rhetoric into Reality, Elaine Inglesby Burke

Plenary 2, Neutropenic Sepsis, NICE Guidelines Update, Dr Bob Phillips

Plenary 2, Identifying Low Risk Patients, Making it Relevant to AM, Professor Jean Klastersky

Plenary 2, Investigating Malignancy of Unknown Primary, Dr David Brooks

Plenary 3, Is the AMU the Place to Assess Older People, Dr Nicola Trepte

Plenary 3, An Integrated Community Model, Dr Olivier Gaillemin

Plenary 3, What is the case for Standalone Frailty Units, Dr Tom Downes

Plenary 3, Geriatricians Running Community Services, Dr Mike Gill

Plenary 4, The Enemy of Good is Better, All I Need to Know I Learned from Disasters, Dr Robert Dunne


Parallel Sessions

2.1: Trainees in Acute Medicine

2.1, Educating the Young, Dr Frances Rickard

2.1, takeAIM Fellowship Update, Dr Masteron-Smith and Dr Prinja

2.1, Obstetric Medicine, Dr Fran Neuberger

2.2: Understanding Risk

2.2, Making it Safe for Acutely Ill Patients, Dr Sara Barton

2.2, Shining a Light on Medication Safety, Steve Williams

2.2, Evaluation of Electronic Prescribing, Positives, Pitfalls and Lessons Learnt, Jackie Elton

2.3: Conflict Resolution

2.3, How to deal with Tricky Patients, Relatives and Colleagues, Dr Rachel Kidney

2.4: Workforce Challenges in an AMU

2.4, Acuity Dependency Tool, Something New in an AMU, Gabby Lomas

2.4, Leadership and Team Building, Catherine Bartlett

3.1: Big Data

3.1, Making the Best of Data, Novel Evaluations of Health Service Inventions, Dr Martin Bardsley

3.1, Using your Data to Improve Patient Care, Kate Croft

3.1, ePatients Records, Mark Hutchinson

3.2: Research

3.2, Danish Research in Acute Medicine, Dr Mikkel Brabrand

3.2, Injuries and Emergencies 2015, Professor Matt Costa & Dr Richard Body

3.2, SAMBA 2015, Dr Chris Subbe & Dr Ivan Le Jeune

3.2, Has NICE left us behind, Dr David Ward

3.3: Cases that Changed My Practise (Not available online)

3.4: Management and Organisation

3.4, Discharge Planning, Getting it Right, Liz Lees

3.4, Communications, Nurse on the Ward Rounds, Joanne Cosgrove

3.4, The Therapists Role in Avoiding Readmissions, Laura Hammond

4.1: Oral Presentations (Not available online)

4.2: New Thinking In…

4.2, Bionic Men, Understanding Implanted Cardiac Devices, Dr Brian Hiestand

4.2, Hormones and Glands, An Endocrinology Update, Professor Harm Haak

4.2, The Sympathetic Nervous System, Friend or Foe, Dr Nicola Montano

4.3: Working with Specialists on the AMU

4.3, The Development of the Alcohol Specialist Nurse Service on an AMU, Ruth Brown and Hailey Pennington

4.3, Alcohol and Mental Health, Chris Daly

4.3, Managing Mental Health, Lee Smith

4.3, Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty, The Legal Practice Gap, Jackie Elton

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