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SAMManchester 2015 Friday Presentations

The SAMManchester 2015 conference presentations are now available to view and download


Plenary Sessions

Plenary 5, Prevention of Maternal Death, The Role of the Acute Physician, Dr Anita Banerjee

Plenary 5, A Hidden Problem, Sexual Assault and Abuse, Dr Catherine White

Plenary 6, Lurching from One Winter to the Next, Every One a Disaster, Dr Cliff Mann

Plenary 6, It’s Complicated, Understanding the Problem and Thinking about Solutions, Dr Steve Allder

Plenary 6, Potential Solutions, the ECIST Approach, Dr Vincent Connolly

Plenary 6, Back to the Future, Making it Work, Professor Derek Bell

Parallel Sessions

5.1: Understanding Commissioning

5.1, Understanding Commissioning, the RCP Perspective, Dr Frank Joseph

5.1, Show me the money, Local Commissioning in the Changing NHS, Kiran Chauhan

5.1, Devolving Healthcare, the Greater Manchester Experience, Dr Ian Williamson

5.2: Diagnoses Not to Miss..

5.2, Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombus, Dr Martin Punter

5.2, Pulmonary Haemorrhage, Dr Gavin Thomas

5.2, HIV Aids, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment, Dr Pippa Newton

5.3: AHP’s in Acute Medicine

5.3, Assessing Cognition in Emergency and Acute Medicine, Dr Austin Claffey

5.3, Identification and Management of Frailty in Older People, An AHP Perspective, Louise Mcgregor

5.3, The future of AHPs in AMU, Jennifer Willis and Thomas Edwards

5.4: Enhance and Expand: Nurse Practitioner

5.4, Just a nurse or a clinical expert on EAU, Celia Downs

5.4, Scoring Systems to Aid Recognition of Acute Deterioration, Friend or Foe, Lesley Durham

5.4, Extending Roles, Organising and Utilising Extended Nursing Roles, Ian Setchfield

5.5: The Missing Link: Bridging the Gap

5.5, Further Education, Specific Courses to become a Clinical Expert, Clinical Skills, Jill Windle

5.5, Exploring the gap between an experienced nurse and becoming an ANP in Acute Medicine, Naomi Morrison and Kate Knowles

6.1: Guidelines on the AMU

6.1, Guidelines and National Audits, Dr Vivek Srivastava

6.1, Acute Care for Adolescents and Young Adults, Lorraine Albon

6.2: Acute Medicine and Surgery: The Cutting Edge

6.2, Who Needs an Operation, David Jones

6.2, Perioperative Medicine, The Pathway to Better Surgical Care, Prof Monty Mythen

6.2, Choosing Carefully, Acute Oncology and Intensive Care, Dr Phil Haji Michael

6.3: Oral Presentations (Not available online)

6.4: Enhance and Expand: Nurse Practitioner

6.4, Non Medical Prescribing, Angus, Johnston, Daye

6.4, A Nurse Led DVT Clinic, Vikki Dean

6.4, End of Life Decision Making, Ann Wood

6.4, Vision and Leadership, Jan Christian

6.5: The Missing Link: Bridging the Gap

6.5, The Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Dian Huyton

6.5, Physician Associates, Kate Straughton and Adam Ryder




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