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‘Avoidable admissions’ to Acute Medical Unit – patients transferred from Emergency Department discharged in < 24hours, Sarah Hoye

A comparison of inpatient and outpatient gastroscopy after upper GIbleed with low Glasgow Blatchford Score, Alasdair Moonie

A quality improvement programme to increase compliance with an anti-infective prescribing policy, Kandarp Thakkar

Accuracy of medication history by source of information in an acute medical admissions unit, Ahmed Jaafar

Acute kidney injury improving standards an ongoing initiative, Paula Rostek

Admissions from the Emergency Department to the Medical Admissions Unit – an analysis of repetition of data collection. Is it time to streamline the admissions process? Victoria Robins

An audit of Acute Medical Readmissions to the Acute Medical Unit (AMU) at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, Aled Huws

Antibiotic prescription in community acquired pneumonia in adults, Michaela Reichmann

Are patients admitted to accident and emergency departments (A+E) with regular SVT treated appropriately? Vinit Sawhney

Audit of cardiac arrests and early warning scores, Dr Hannah Dahwa

Audit of the safety of ambulatory CT pulmonary angiography for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism in selected patients, Christopher Hodcroft

Auditing the management of cardiac “Transient Loss of Consciousness” against NICE guidance, Vishal Luther

Chest drain insertion: an audit into current practice in a district general hospital, Graham Baker

Digital Rectal Examination: a dying art? Kate Akester

Documentation of resuscitation orders in general medical inpatients; mortality, in-hospital length of stay and the relevance of primary diagnosis, Campbell Thompson

Does the use of Consultant and FY1 Checklists to improve communication and reduce important omissions in an Acute Medical Admissions Unit (AMAU)? Claire Gordon

Don’t forget the V/Q scan, Sam Dumonteil

Improving the management of acute exacerbations of COPD in a district general hospital, Ben Corden

Initial results of medication review in the elderly using the STOPP criteria, Kandarp Thakkar

Intensive programme to improve oxygen safety in acute medicine, Conchubhair Winters

Length of Stay for Diabetic Emergencies is Shortened by Management on the Acute Medicine Unit, Zhongbo Chen

Long Pause to Lumbar Puncture, Jaita Mukherjee

Maintaining INR consistency during the initiation of warfarin therapy in the Ambulatory Care setting: a case for a designated practitioner for the role, Les Ala

Measuring Acute Care Quality Indicators in a district general hospital, Manish Kapoor

Mortality Review in Medicine as a Tool for Improvement, Mair Edmunds

New Catheter Insertion Proforma Improves Documentation and Reduces Inappropriate Catheterisations, Anantharaman Ramasamy

Outcomes in patients with acute upper gastrointestinal bleeds following introduction of a daily ward round for new gastroenterology admissions, Maxine Montefort

Screening for delirium in elderly acute admissions: an audit cycle demonstrating improved compliance with NICE guidance, Ho-Yan Chun

The Management of Atrial Fibrillation at the Front Door, Ashok Iyer

The Management of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Acute Medical Admissions: An audit following the introduction of the revised hospital guideline, Isabel Vielba

The Significance of Renal Insufficiency in patients treated at an acute assessment unit, Campbell Thompson

The use of POCT in low risk Chest Pain to facilitate rapid discharge, Rachel Jones

The Utility of D-Dimer assays, Ventilation-Perfusion Scintigraphy and CT Pulmonary Angiography in the Investigation of Suspected Pulmonary Embolism, Ben Dobb

Thoracic Ultrasound, Petra Schinle

Timeliness in discharge summary dissemination is associated with patients’ clinical outcomes, Campbell Thompson

Trouble at Transfer? Assessing the safety of transfer of patients from the medical assessment unit (MAU) to ward based care, Rebecca Fisher

Use of pathology investigations in General medical wards – a cost effectiveness analysis, Matt Pinder

Use of the ‘failure to rescue’ concept for systematic review of mortality, Rosalind Gould

Value of medicines reconciliation on MAU, Stephen Beer



“Sudden Painless Visual Loss” in Acute Medicine – Not “Giant Cell Arteritis,” What is it? Suneeta Teckchandani

A hot bath to calm what ails you – the cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, Vishal Luther

Bilateral Facial Palsy: Diagnostic Workup and Differential Diagnosis, Venu Sirpa

Complements never lie: Bacterial endocarditis caused by Bartonella henselae infection masquerading as an anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA)- associated small vessel vasculitis, Stefanie Christina Robert

Exploding Headache, Shahideh Safavi

Incomplete Stevens – Johnson syndrome Secondary to Atypical Pneumonia, Anantharaman Ramasamy

One hospital’s experience of the 2011 London Marathon, Matthew Mak

Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum: Not So Uncommon In Winter? You Yi Hong

The Case of the Weak Legs, Rebecca Gray



A teaching programme for the acute medical take – paired clerking and integrated WPBA’s, John Hounsell

Developing a safety culture in the junior medical team, Alasdair Moonie

Developing Leadership Skills Locally: A 6 month Leadership Development Programme set up by Registrars for Registrars at the West Middlesex University Hospital, David Stanton

Exploring the Attitudes of Core Medical Trainees to Workplace-Based Assessments, Elizabeth Good

The 2011 E-SIM Project: Exploring Preferences of Final Year Medical Students for Simulation Based Learning Versus E-learning for Acute Medicine Core Topics in Relation to Their Preferred Individual Learning Styles, Shairana Naleem

The training experiences of Foundation Year 1 (FY1) doctors in the East of England Deanery, Caroline Sarah Lebus



10mg or 5mg daily for warfarin loading in ambulatory DVT patients? A retrospective study. Ben Chadwick

A comparative study between a trichotomised and a dichotomised Wells score in the clinical decision algorithm for the evaluation of query pulmonary embolism, Simon Murphy

Mortality for Strokes managed in an integrated AMU Model, Declan Byrne

Recurrent Attendance To Medical Assessment Units, Vicky Anne Price

Selecting potential ambulatory care patients from the unselected general medical take using the Amb Score: A verification and validation study. Les Ala.



A structured review of unplanned Emergency Department attendances and admissions for care-home residents, Kiaran Flanagan

Can we afford to ignore the patient risk resulting from multiple handovers across junior doctor shifts? – Dataset from a real-time electronic handover solution (eHandover), Emmanuel Selvaraj

Communication and Miscommunication: Handover between Healthcare Professionals, Rosalind Pool

Communication of End of Life Care on the Acute Medical Unit, Ryan Petrucci

Development and utility of patient information leaflets in an Acute Medical Setting, Richa Sinha

Handover tasks within the first 48 hours of general medical admissions and its impact on service provision in the Acute Medical Unit (AMU) – Data from an electronic handover solution (eHandover®), Pairaw Kader

Impact of improved medicines management on patient experience and outcome across interfaces with the Acute Medical Unit, Paresh Mistry

Impact of seeing unselected patients in a Medical Assessment Unit on the Emergency Department, Iain Keith

Intentional Rounding on the AMU, Jacqueline Phillips

Level of Care Provided in Enhanced Care Area on an Acute Admissions Unit (AAU), Hannah Skene

Quantifying the Number of Patients with Cancer Presenting to an AMU, Mark Holland





Current Healthcare Policy & its Impact on Acute Care, Alan Dobson



Figuring Troponin into the Acute Evaluation of Chest Pain, Prof. Frank W Peacock

The Cardiorenal Syndrome in Acute Medicine, Dr Tobias Breidthardt



Elderly Care and Acute Medicine – Making Guidelines Work, Dr Adrian Hopper

The NICE Chest Pain Guidelines – 1 Year On, Dr Jane Skinner

Recognising Pulmonary Hypertension in the AMU, Prof. Vic Tapson



What’s been Achieved: What’s left? Prof. Bryan Williams

The Patient Journey: Right Person, Right Place? Prof. Derek Bell

Education: More to Learn? Dr Mike Jones

The Implications of Health Care Reform for Secondary Care Medicine, Nigel Edwards

Acute Medicine: Better and Safer, Dr Philip Dyer



Clinical Cases that changed my Practice

Dr John Lorains

Dr James Williamson

Dr Alastair Dorward

Prof. Vic Tapson 



Implementing the NICE Guidelines for the Acutely Ill Patient, Kate Beaumont

Recognising the Acutely Ill Patient: Preventing Deterioration, Sarah Quinton

Recognise Deterioration via Education, John Welch

Making Transfer Safe, Liz Lees 



Managing the Service: Controversies in Acute Care, Prof. Derek Bell

Delivering the Service: Clinical Outcomes in Acute Care, Dr Declan Byrne

Improving the Service: Learning Lessons from from another speciality, Prof. Roger Barton

Acute Care: The Big Picture, Dr George Crooks



High Impact Actions, Dr Lynne Maher

Future Directions for Staffing in the AMU – A Team Approach, Liz Myers & Liz Lees

Impact of Guidelines Relating to Pharmacy in Acute Care, Vanessa Marvin



A Breathless Patient, Dr Donald MacLeod

An Acutely Agitated Patient, Dr Mark Holland



Stroke Medicine, Dr Nadia Raza

Upper GI Endoscopy, Dr Anne Whiteside

Intensive Care Medicine, Dr Dave Antcliffe

Clinical Leadership & Management for the Acute Medicine Trainee, Dr Wendy Munro

The Political NHS – Past, Present & Future, Dr Ian Reckless





Anaphylaxis & Anaphylactoid Syndrome, Dr Graham Nimmo

Hypertensive Emergencies, Dr Paresh Mistry



The Poisoned Heart – New Treatments for a Deadly Problem, Prof. Nick Bateman

Alcohol Problems in the AMU, Prof. Sir Ian Gilmore



What You Don’t Know Just Might Kill Your Patient, Prof. W Frank Peacock

Improvement Science: Addressing the Challenge of Implementation, Prof. Martin Marshall

Acute Medicine: Making it Safer, Prof. Bob Wachter



Assessment in Practice, Dr Mike Jones

Teaching the Unteachable? Quality Improvement & the Curricula. Dr Paul Sullivan

The Missing Link? Cultivating Leadership in NHS Doctors. Dr Elora Mukherjee & Dr Toby Hillman



Good NEWS on RRAILS, Dr Chris Subbe

The Calling Card, Minan Abbas

Handover Tasks, Dr Pairaw Kader

Medication Review in the elderly using the STOPP criteria, Kandarp Thakkar

Intentional Rounding on the AMU, Jacqueline Phillips

Selecting Potential Ambulatory Care Patients, Les Ala



Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics: Interpreting the Randomised Controlled Trial, Dr Thomas Woodcock



Simulation and Safety: How far can you take it? Dr Graham Nimmo

Medication Errors in the AMU, Dr Louella Vaughan

Safety – A Trainees Perspective, Dr Ailsa Howie

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