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Past, Present, Future: Monday Presentations


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Plenary 1: Population Health: Then and Now, The Big Issues

Sir Iain Chalmers

Prof Sir Muir Gray

Plenary 2: Organisational NHS – The Workforce, The Bigger Picture

Prof Nigel Edwards

Parallel Session 1.1: Optimising Care in the AMU

A Classic Model, Dr Gary Davies

A Standalone Model, Dr Tim Cooksley

The Northumbria Model, Dr Chris Biggin

Integrated Care in a DGH, Dr Roger Duckitt

Parallel Session 2.1: The Future of Acute Care

We Need to Talk Acutely, Dr Mark Holland

Breaking Boundaries, Dr Paul Mears

Influencing Policy, Prof Nigel Edwards

Trainee Perspective, Dr Kathleen Bonnici

Parallel Session 3.1: Perspectives in Sepsis

The NICE Perspective, Dr Saul Faust

The NCEPOD Perspective, Dr Vivek Srivastava

Parallel Session 1.2: Diabetes The Journey

The History of Diabetes, Prof Edwin Gale

Current Management, Prof Miles Fisher

Diabetes in the Future, What Can We Expect? Prof Ulf Smith

Parallel Session 2.2: Cutting Edge Cardiology

Overview, Prof Martin Cowie

Biomarkers, Prof Theresa McDonagh

Systems of Care, Prof Lynne Warner-Stevenson

Drug Therapies, Prof John McMurray

Parallel Session 3.2: Clinical Therapeutic Advances

Heart Failure, Prof Martin Cowie

Liver Transplant, Dr Steve Wigmore

Circulating Biomarkers, Dr Charles Massie

Parallel Session 1.3: Gastroenterology – An Update

Management of IBS, Prof Peter Whorwell

Short Bowel Syndrome, Prof Simon Lal

Parallel Session 2.3: Cases that changed my Practice

Things can Change, Prof Mark Kramer

Tip to Toe, Dr David Nicholl

Parallel Session 3.3: Research in Acute Medicine

Complexities of Big Data, Prof Paul Aylin

Update on the Curios@ Study, Dr Louise van Galen

POC CSF Testing for Suspected Meningitis, Dr Andrew Walden

SAMBA 16 Talking about Care, Dr Chris Subbe

Enforcing Quality, Dr Louella Vaughan

Parallel Session 1.4: Tuberculosis – Ever Present

History of Tuberculosis, Prof Jaap van Dissel

Present: Tuberculosis Now! Prof Jon Friedland

Future: TB Vaccines, Prof Helen McShane

Parallel Session 2.4: Respiratory – The Failing Lung

History of Ventilation, Dr Mark Wilkinson

Managing Failure, Prof Bill MacNee

Future of NIV, Dr Andrew Bentley

Parallel Session 3.4: Lung Cancer – Are we making a difference?

Lung Cancer: Present, Dr Marianne Nicolson

Lung Cancer: Future, Prof Keith Kerr

Parallel Session 1.5: Learning Through Simulation

Patient Safety & Non-Technical Skills, Prof Rhona Flin

Care & Simulation, Dr Owain Leng

Parallel Session 2.5: Obesity – The Good & The Bad

A History of Obesity, Dr Isabel Fletcher

The Obesity Paradox in Old Age, Prof Finbarr Martin

Future Management, Prof Mike Lean

Parallel Session 1.6: Trainees in AIM

From Trainee to Consultant, Dr Ella Chaudhuri

Specialist Skill Update, Dr Neil Patel

FAMUS, Dr Nick Smallwood

Parallel Session 2.6: Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Exercise – Rx for Health, Dr Andrew Murray

Mind Over Matter, Prof Sir Muir Gray

Parallel Session 3.6: The Changing Face of Self-Harm

History of UK Self Harm, Dr Alex Proudfoot

Current Toxicology Treatment, Dr James Dear

Treatment of Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Dr Nico van der Lely

Suicide Prevention, Saving Lives, Dr Alys Cole-King

Parallel Session 1.8: Nurses/AHPs – Fall Prevention in the AMU

Fall Check App, Dr Gillian Ward

Use of a Common Screening Tool, Julie Wynne

Integrated Assessment Team, Louise Kellichan & Karen Goudie

The Use of Technology in Reducing Falls, Jan Christian

Parallel Session 2.8 Nurses – Integrated Care

The Frail Team on the Acute Floor, Ciara O’Reilly

Transdisciplinary Therapy Roles, Amanda Hyman

National Falls Programme, Lianne McInally & Ann Murray

Discharge Planning, Liz Deutsch-Lees

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