Threat to NHS Professionals ‘sad and alarming’ – SAM president

Dr Mark Holland, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, comments in The Guardian on Labour’s request for the National Audit Office to look into the sale of government-owned recruitment firm NHS Professionals.

He said: “During its history the NHS has always been subject to change.

“With Brexit looming and fundamental changes on the horizon, such as sustainability and transformation plans, one would think that the sensible strategy for the NHS right now would be to maintain those services that work well and are cost effective.

“If the threat to NHSP is true and if privatisation is the answer, it would not be unreasonable for those of us who truly care about the NHS to view this as a significant milestone in moving towards a totally private NHS.

“This news is both sad and alarming. I hope the public recognise that this is a fundamental event which more than ever defines our government’s attitude to the NHS. If the NHS was a patient this would be a terminal diagnosis.”

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