SAM statement regarding BMA junior doctors’ ballot

Following this morning’s announcement by the BMA that junior doctors in England have voted in favour of strike action, the Society for Acute Medicine has released the below statement in response.

Dr Mark Holland, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said:

“Junior doctors deserve a deal that is fair and reflects their dedication and we remain committed to that because we need the most talented people to join our acute specialties, especially acute medicine.

“In particular, we would again highlight the need for NHS Employers to recognise that acute medicine is a 24-hour service and the contract for junior doctors working in our specialty must reflect this.

“The NHS already faces a workforce problem and, if the contract issue is not resolved appropriately, there will be a two-pronged assault on patient safety – from overworked, fatigued doctors and a deeper recruitment crisis in acute specialties as trainees avoid in favour of alternative options.

“Unfortunately, there is never s winner when it comes to strike action, so we would urge the Secretary of State and the BMA to go back to the negotiating table with senior people on both sides to thrash this out sensibly.

“We would also urge the government to listen to those of us out on the wards day in, day out. As acute doctors, we already work seven days a week and we can share our experiences of how we can potentially make this even better.

“There’s enough time left to resolve this dispute professionally and responsibly and we would be happy to help in any way we can to ensure that happens.”

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