SAM statement on junior doctor contracts

The Society for Acute Medicine is extremely concerned regarding the proposed changes to the employment contract for doctors in training.

At a time of unprecedented pressure within the NHS we feel that NHS Employers should reconsider their position as a matter of urgency.

The initial fallout from the breakdown in negotiations between NHS Employers and the BMA’s Junior Doctors Committee is of grave concern to us.

In the acute sector we already face significant problems filling junior and senior posts, and to say that we could face a workforce crisis is not an over-exaggeration.

The almost certain detrimental effect on our workforce will have one ultimate consequence, a reduction in the quality and safety of patient care.

In the winter of 2014/15, acute internal medicine played a pivotal role in keeping the NHS afloat by maintaining the quality and safety of patient care and also working collaboratively to help relieve the stresses on our A&E departments.

We fully support trainee doctors working in acute internal medicine who now feel let down by the imposition of a contract which fails to acknowledge or accept their dedication and extraordinary commitment to patient care.

As a Society, our primary objective has always been, and always will be, excellence in the care we provide for acutely unwell medical patients.

To maintain our standards we must preserve our workforce and our trainee workforce has a very deserved reputation for being world-class.

With such a significant challenge to this position from the proposed new contract we give our full support to our trainees and their representatives in seeking the recognition they deserve.

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