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Member Reminders!

New fees: From the 1st October 2011 the membership fee will rise to £95 (full price) and £45 (reduced). On the same date a direct debit payment option will be introduced. Members are reminded that they need to cancel any standing orders as these are being phased out.

Online journal access: In the autumn members will be able to read the Acute Medicine Journal online, for more information please contact our Administrator Korina Leoncio at

Council elections: Voting has begun in this year’s council elections: SAM is looking for a Vice President, a Nursing Representative, a Trainee Representative and an AHP Representative. Every member has been sent a unique link to their own voting form where they will also find each candidate’s statement of support. If you cannot find your link please email Voting ends on the 16th September.

List of candidates:

Candidates for the Nursing Representative post:

  • Helen Pickard
  • Mark Oakley
  • Pauline Rafferty

Candidates for the Trainee Representative post:

  • Ninith Narayan
  • Kirk Freeman
  • Thofique Adamjee

Candidate for the Vice President post:

  • Alistair Douglas

Candidate for the AHP post:

  • Rachel Wicks

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