28/07/2013: in the news this week...22nd of July till 28th of July


Doctors urged to cut medicine prescription waste. (BBC, 22.07.2013)

Trust under fire for using non-clinical staff to feed older patients. (Nursing Times, 23.07.2013)

Act now on emergency care to avoid winter crisis urge MPs. (OnMedica, 24.07.2013)

NHS faces chronic shortage of staff, warns King’s Fund. (The Guardian, 25.07.2013)

Care Quality Commission report details full extent of bullying culture. (The Guardian, 26.07.2013)

21/07/2013: In the news this week...15th of July till 21st of July

Acute Medicine Awareness Week Special:

How can we ensure a seven-day multi-professional service on the acute medical unit? (The Society for Acute Medicine via Storify, 15.07.2013)

How can we deliver and measure quality on the AMU? (The Society for Acute Medicine via Storify, 16.07.2013)

How can we deliver high quality training in the acute medical units? (The Society for Acute Medicine via Storify, 18.07.2013)

How can we improve patient experience in the AMU? (The Society for Acute Medicine via Storify, 19.07.2013) 


The Liverpool Care Pathway should be replaced. (Department of Health, 15.07.2013)

Keogh review into 14 NHS hospitals did not find disaster on scale of Mid Staffs. (The Guardian, 16.07.2013)

Minimum alcohol pricing plan shelved. (BBC, 17.07.2013)

NHS emergency care ‘unsustainable’ warn doctors. (Nursing Times, 18.07.2013)

Consultant warns hospitals are regularly at crisis point. (The Herald, 19.07.2013)

18/07/2013: Ten priorities for action to improve the care of acutely ill patients

Media statement

Embargoed until 00.01 Thursday 18 July 2013

Ten priorities for action to improve the care of acutely ill patients

Four organisations whose members are responsible for the care of acute patients in hospital, today set out ten priorities for action to address the challenges faced by urgent and emergency care services. These challenges include:

  • Rising demand and the changing needs of an ageing population
  • Lack of comprehensive, effective alternatives to hospital admission across seven-days
  • Complex discharge issues
  • Handover and flow
  • Recruitment into emergency and acute medicine
14/07/2013: In the news this week...8th of July till 14th of July


Patients take NHS problems to Citizens Advice Bureau in Scotland. (The Herald, 08.07.2013)

Welsh Government publishes response to Francis report. (OnMedica, 09.07.2013)

The Society for Acute Medicine response to the Cavendish review (Society for Acute Medicine, 10.07.2013)

NHS England warns of need to centralise. (National Health Executive, 11.07.2013)

Dementia patients ‘miss key tests’. (BBC, 12.07.2013)

07/07/2013: In the news this week...1st of July till 7th of July


Minimum staffing levels needed in acute specialities. (Hospital Dr, 01.07.2013)

NHS ‘must get tough on consultants’, MPs say. (BBC, 02.07.2013)

Effect of home blood pressure telemonitoring and pharmacist management on blood pressure control. (JAMA, 03.07.2013)

Tameside Hospital: ‘Urgent steps’ needed at hospital under probe. (BBC, 04.07.2013)

New proposals to improve care for vulnerable older people. (Department of Health, 05.07.2013)

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