04/03/12: In the news this week...27th February to 4th March


Nick Clegg has promised the Liberal Democrats further changes to the health bill; 'we want to rule out beyond doubt any threat of a US-style market' (Guardian, 27.02.12) while David Cameron reassured Tories at the spring conference the bill would go ahead though as David Cameron; change is ‘urgent and unavoidable’ (BBC, 03.03.12).

However it was another rocky week for the beleaguered reforms. The Health secretary had to cancel a speech to assure the house they won't mean a 'market free-for-all' (BBC, 28.02.12) and one of the bill’s former supporters, a GP leading a London-based CCG, called for the bill to be scrapped (Telegraph, 29.02.12). They weren’t the only GPs to highlight their concerns, the BMA's GP Committee wrote to all GPs in England explaining why they are against the reforms (onmedica, 01.03.12). Finally, fellows of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) voted to survey members on the on the bill at their extraordinary general meeting last Monday (AnaesthesiaUK, 28.02.12).

A new diabetes 2 treatment has been shown to be equally effective as current ones but with fewer side effects and a lower risk of hypoglaecemia (onmedica, 27.02.12). But treatment isn’t the answer says the Chief of Diabetes UK: The problem will overwhelm the NHS if prevention and early diagnosis aren't prioritised (Guardian, 27.02.12).

A study has found that stroke patients admitted as an emergency are four times more likely to die than those who've had heart attacks (Telegraph, 01.03.12).

Other news in brief...

A commission that is looking into to care of the elderly has reported that the system needs to be overhauled with staff compassion a vital element (BBC, 29.02.12).

Mentally ill people are four times more likely to suffer domestic violence a study in theLancet has found (BBC, 28.02.12).

BMJ Open has published a study which says sleeping pills may be as dangerous as smoking (Telegraph, 28.02.12).

Guidance aimed at helping NHS employers assess language skills has been released (onmedica, 27.02.12).

The number of Liverpool measles cases is growing; there are 36 confirmed with a further 35 suspected (onmedica, 01.03.12).